Review: STRC Brass Front Lower Shock Mounts | AMain Hobbies | HPI Venture

Review: STRC Brass Front Lower Shock Mounts | AMain Hobbies | HPI Venture

Welcome back, it’s been a busy few months for me, with a few more busy weeks to come with the holidays right around the corner! However, today I come to you with an update- a review on the STRC Brass Front Lower Shock Mounts from AMain Hobbies

At A Glance-

Product: ST Racing Concepts Brass Lower Shock Mounts
Application: HPI Venture
Price: ~$40
Pass or Buy: Buy


These shock mounts are a direct replacement for the stock HPI mounts, and as such the install is a simple unbolt/bolt up process. My personal install was a little more involved as I unfortunately rounded out one of the screws on the stock mount, requiring me to break out the dremel for the first portion of the install- otherwise the trickiest part is just remembering which direction each mount goes. Also it’s worth noting that these do not require the disassembly of the axle such as I have pictured here- In addition to replacing the rounded out screw, I was replacing a few other pieces at the same time as the shock mount install. The Venture had a rough summer!

Once installed, the STRC mounts add just under 50g of weight to the front axle. That may not seem like much, but with an already well balanced rig such as the Venture is right out of the box, these are a nice way to fine tune that balance to your liking. Add in any of the other STRC pieces such as hubs, carriers, and/or lockouts to your Venture to further your tuning possibilities even more- those pieces all weigh roughly 30g each.

I opted to add the extra weight just to the front of the rig to help with hill climbs, as I did notice my Venture tended to want to pop “wheelies” when trying to climb steeper inclines. The extra weight on the front axle will help keep it planted when climbing.

Now if you were having trouble going DOWN hills, as in your rig wanted to front flip itself down the hill, then you would want to add some extra weight to the rear axle instead, which is where the rear lower shock mounts would come in handy.

The STRC Front Lower Shock Mounts can be had for roughly $40 USD from AMain Hobbies, and are a breeze to install. Currently they are only offered in black, and at this point in time I am not aware of any other colors being made available like some of the other STRC pieces. Overall these are a worthwhile purchase for anyone looking to tune their weight balance further than the stock setup of their Venture.

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