Review: One Year With RC4WD D90 Inner Fenders

Review: One Year With RC4WD D90 Inner Fenders

Ever tried to get an amazing, scale-looking photo of your rig, only to have it ruined by those gaping holes under the fenders? Nothing kills the look of a scale photo quicker than being able to see random wiring, batteries, or even daylight shining through from the other side of the truck. Inner fenders are the solution!

(Below, pre-inner fender install. Note how you can see the battery and wiring inside the chassis)


RC4WD offers a fairly inexpensive, lexan set for many of their vehicles. I picked up the D90 set last September to install on my Gelande 2 chassis. The fenders arrive in one, clear piece, requiring you to paint and cut out yourself. There’s no instructions with the packaging, but it’s not necessary with this piece as it’s pretty self explanatory.

The liners have little dimples where you will be drilling holes to mount them to the chassis. Once you’ve painted, cut the liners out, and drilled/reamed the mounting holes, you just have to line up the holes with the corresponding chassis screw, and install- simple as that!

(Below, inner fenders painted and cut out, ready for install on the chassis)

RC4WD Gelande 2 D90 Inner Fenders

Depending on what tires you are running, you may or may not have to trim some of the inner fender away. When I first installed them I was running RC4WD Dick Cepek Mud Country tires and I had to trim off the outside corners of each liner. After I moved to a set of Pit Bull PBX A/T‘s I again had to trim a little more off the outside corners to get rid of any rubbing at full-lock. However, even with the trimming the liners still provided enough coverage that you couldn’t see through.


After a little over a year of use, the liners are still holding up fairly well. They have started to show some minor cracks and splits in a few places, but that is to be expected with lexan. For under $15, I’ll just replace them with a new set once they become too badly damaged. My only minor complaint about them would be when using the liners with headlights. The LED light set that I installed on my D90 extends inside the body and presses against the front liners making it a little difficult to install the body. Of course that could just be the nature of the cheap eBay light kit, so maybe other light kits on the market won’t produce this issue. If you’re careful you can press the body down enough and the fenders will “give” a little allowing the body to be installed.

Overall, for under $15 for the set, you can’t go wrong with these inner fenders. The ease of prep/install paired with the price point and the scale appeal they add make these a worthwhile addition to your scale rig. FotoGuy approved!

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